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For the Love of Earth, Life, Our People and Traditions
Decolonize Your Mind, Respect the Warrior Within

Nacion Aztlan Mexica Circulo de Harmonia

Por Amor a la Tierra, Vida, Nuestra Gente y Tradiciones
Decoloniza Tu Mente, Respeta el Guerrero Por Dentro





                Teaching Time Schedule:

                Sunday 9am to 10:30am Martial Arts

                Sunday 10:00 to 12 Noon Lecture Teachings

      10th Annual Sacred Run

      10th Annual Sacred Run


Live-Stream Teachings

Live Video streaming by Ustream 


Aztlán Mexica Nation
Harmony Keepers

Everything in the Universe, on Mother Earth, and within our own spirits is guided with and by the Sacred Drum Beat, Sacred Circles, and a Connection to our past by the teachings that Our Ancestors left to us. The knowledge and wisdom Our Ancestors have left to us is very much treasured, for we are the keepers of the land, here for a purpose as the Great Mystery, (Tloke Nahuake, Tunkashila) is always paving the way as the Seven Generations did for the present. These valuable gifts we share to those who come with an open heart, to learn and be a community of givers.


Original Founding Fathers


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